Editorials, letters or event details should be sent to the Editor (see contact details here). Please remember to try and include a word-count for your articles.  If you have any news, opinions or events to tell us about, but don’t feel confident enough to write it yourself – we’ll do it for you!

Anything you’re interested in – we’re interested in.  Events, current affairs, film, book or music reviews – just let the Life know about it.  Please contact the Editor.

Deadline Dates for Editorial:

All items for inclusion should be with the Editor by 5.00pm on the deadline day.  We make every effort to publish letters and articles as received, but we reserve the right to edit where necessary.

We always endeavour to return photos etc., but we are unable to accept responsibility if this is not possible.  If submitting digital photos, please supply in high resolution 300 DPI jpeg or tiff formats if possible.  Those submitting photos of children (whether a hard copy or a digital copy) must provide written parental permission for publication.

No liability is accepted for incorrect data or information which may be contained in the Braunstone Life. The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Committee Members of the Braunstone Life.

.Please remember to include a note of the number of words in your article.  The average word count is 250 – 300 words per article.

All Editorial deadlines are at 5.00pm on Friday evenings.






Deadline  Date

Issue Date


Deadline Date

Issue Date

January No issue in January No issue in January January No issue in January No issue in January
February N/A February 2nd February January 17th February 1st
March N/A March 2nd March February 21st March 7th
April N/A April 6th April March 20th April 4th
May April 19th May 4th May April 17th May 2nd
June May 17th June 1st June May 22nd June 6th
July No issue in July No issue in July July No issue in July No issue in July
August July 19th August 3rd August July 17th August 1st
September August 23rd September 7th September August 21st September 5th
October September 20th October 5th October September 18th October 3rd
November October 18th November 2nd November October 23rd November 7th
December November 22nd December 7th December November 20th December 5th


Editorial deadline is always at 5pm on the above Fridays… advertising deadline (payment received by) is always the 10th of the month preceding the issue you want your advert to appear – ie., the 10th of July for the August edition.