Funding is raised from local patrons and advertising: please see our advertising rates below.

The Life is a very cost effective means of advertising for small businesses who want to market their services for local people.

A discount of 5% is obtainable if you pay five months in advance or 10% if paying yearly in advance.

New advertisers should contact our editor.

  • Payment must be received by the 10th of each month for the following edition.  i.e. 10th February for March edition.
  • Existing Advertisers should contact our Editor if they have any amendments or alterations to their existing advert.  
  • Payment, by BACs payment (if paying by BACS, we would appreciate an email from you) or by cheque made payable to The Braunstone Life, to the Treasurer (see contact details here


Units are sold as half-units, single units, or in multiples of these.

Unit Size Size in MM Price per Month
0.5 unit 58mm w x 22h £10
1 unit 58mm w x 43mm h £20
1.5 units 58mm x 65mm h £30
2 units vertical 58mm x 86mm h £40
2 units horizontal 120mm x 43mm £40
3 units vertical 58mm x 129mm h £60
3 units horizontal 181mm x 43mm h £60
4 units vertical 58mm x 172mm h £80
4 units horizontal 120mm x 86mm h £80

Larger advert sizes are available, please contact the editor.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the size or style of your advert: If you have any artwork prepared, please send it to us and we will give a realistic quotation – we do not oversell space. If you require a larger space for your advert, please contact the Editor who will be glad to help. 

We do not offer a graphic design service, however our typesetter may be able to help for a one off fee  – which gives you a free license to use in other publications etc.

If you don’t have anything prepared, just let us know what you want including in your advert – again, we will give a realistic price. As mentioned above, discounts are available if paying in advance.

The Braunstone Life accepts all advertisements in good faith and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of responding to any of them. The Braunstone Life reminds readers that when responding to any advertisement, sensible caution should always be exercised. Trading Standards recommend that you ask for at least three different companies to quote for any work you require.