How is the “Braunstone Life” Produced?
By Volunteers!  Every step of the “Life”, except for the printing process, is done by volunteers.  We strive to offer a professional service, producing a paper which has an excellent reputation.  So why not take a few moments to consider how the “Life” comes through your door? In total, it takes over a hundred people to get a copy of the “Life” through the doors of Braunstone Town, including Thorpe Astley.

Every member of the team is highly valued: ordinary people with jobs, people who give their time freely because they think that it’s worth putting something back into the Community.  We thank each and every one of them: the “Life” cannot operate without them!

The “Life” is a non-profit making organisation, which has to be self-funding through adverts.  The amount of adverts determine the size of the paper. Simply put, if we don’t sell advertising space – we can’t produce a paper.  We do have a very strict policy though – one third advertising, two thirds community news.

A Committee meets five times a year to determine the direction of the paper – the process begins when the Treasurer, Jacky, sends out invoices to existing customers: when they’ve paid, their ads go in the paper. A list of advertisers is drawn up for the Editor, who sets the pages.

New advertisers contact our Editor, Lin, who discusses their adverts with them: once agreed and paid for, their advert appears in the next issue.  Adverts are set against the  regular contributions from the local community groups, articles from our own correspondents, letters, photos, and articles sent in by individuals and the “Junior Life” –  articles from all five local schools, all set against the ads. When this is done and proofread, the paper goes off for printing.  Then the Distribution Team take over: the Distribution Manager has a team of Bulk Deliverers who, in turn, distribute the paper to our Street Deliverers who push a copy through over 8200 homes in Braunstone  Town, including Thorpe Astley. Copies of the paper are also available, outside our area, at various venues.
When this is being done, the process of producing the next issue has already begun – invoices have already been sent out to the advertisers.

Have YOU ever thought about helping the “Life”?  If you have an hour to spare each month, why not join us?
You could help by delivering the paper to your local area, write articles, take photos or come along to a committee meeting to join in with the discussions and come up with ideas. You could also support us by becoming a patron. We’re a friendly crowd and you would be most welcome!
Just contact us!