It is with the greatest regret I have to tell you that the Life committee has decided NOT to print the magazine for the foreseeable future: this is directly relating to the coronavirus outbreak.  

There will, hopefully, be articles, etc., on our website in the coming weeks or month: we’ll be starting a facebook page soon so we can try to keep in touch with you. I realise this is not ideal but feel that this is the best we can do during this crisis…

Many of our deliverers are getting on a little (sorry folks – but we are), some have health issues… we simply can’t risk their health by asking them to go out and deliver. We know some of them will want to but we feel this is the best thing for everyone.

The virus can live on some surfaces for 72 hours and, even if they are well when they deliver, they could be incubating the disease before the symptoms show… they are a potential means of transmission for the virus to our readers: again, we simply can’t do this.

This is the first time in our 33 year history that the Life will not be printed and I am genuinely sorry to be the one who has pulled the plug but I truly believe this is the right thing to do and the committee agree. The decision was not taken lightly.

I’d like to thank all our volunteers for their unstinting support over the years and I’m confident most of them will be out in the community, volunteering to help others get through this. I’d also like to thank you everyone, patrons, advertisers, contributors, our printer and readers for your wonderful support over the years and hope, when we start again, and we will, that you’ll be willing to support us again.


Please keep in touch via facebook or email: [email protected] and take very great care of yourself and your families.


Lin Burrows, Editor